If I can fuck her Infront of all these passengers, they'll probably think I'm Osama and think the plane did a emergency landing

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Posted by SlaveOnAStick - 2 weeks ago

Chloe, I am defeated, all these threats and shit are starting to get to my head and shit, I feel like I need massive thearpy, I been thinking about everything you been saying, Chloe, it's really taking a tole on my mental health, a big fucking tole. Maybe this is what you wanted to happen, I guess so, these threats are getting to me so congratulations, I applaud you, if the therapy don't work, then I guess heaven is where I will go

Edit: Please respond Chloe, maybe let's just talk this shit out, to see your impact, nvm she deleted again




There's no point anymore, Chloe has basically won the fight, chat, we lost, I guess, deleting my account soon will be the only option for this harassment to stop I guess

Also where the heck is @tailsefox with my reporting

Because @ChloeIsBack4, because you are way too consistent, the real Chloe would have moved onto another site by now

@ChloeIsBack4 why keep on coming back

Alright, @ChloeIsBack4 I was forced to say this shit, "sorry"

So @ChloeIsBack4, is it true that someone else is controlling your account

Hm, looks like your gone

Chloeisback5 will return...
Also this better be ironic

If ChloeIsBack5 returns, oh they are FUCKED, because the whole ship is sinking down, I'm waiting for Chloe, all those niggas who were saying I was making shit up, oh they will see, this is almost like a case, I feel like a fucking lawyer although I'm dumb as fuck

@SlaveOnAStick At this point just report and move on if they keep bothering you guys but if she just moves on its whatever. Dont give yerselves a hernia over her, it aint worth it.

There is no need to worry because it's not even her controlling these accounts, I just want shit to end, once the "Chloe" person comes out, I expose the person behind the accounts and the person behind it probably stops, everyone unfollows or get's banned and it will all be stopped from there. No more Chloe. This person is controlling all the alt accounts previously

@SlaveOnAStick It could be her just saying it to get out of trouble too, but i get you
still... something tells me this aint ending till she gets IP range banned or just makes an account and makes an effort to post in silence and only occasionally respond to questions.

@SlaveOnAStick I didn't mean to give this comment a happy face I am sorry it was an accident ?

It's alright, it happens to me to sometimes